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, if you want to move on bonhoffer, I would first boot into live CD and do all your stuff there. grub-rescue: I don't know what grub-rescue means grub-rescue: he's talking about the live cd right? i am at live cd now EriC^^, i am at live cd now grub-rescue: I don't know what he means by stuff ^^ EriC^^ bonhoffer: OK I am going to save you a step bonhoffer: what issue are you having? grub-rescue: he's booted the live cd and the live cd is booting up graingert, i followed these instructions: bonhoffer: OK you have a laptop or something? bonhoffer: when you boot the live usb, choose try ubuntu and then choose ubuntu with linux 4.4 EriC^^, yes i just did -- i go to install now bonhoffer: click on ubuntu, the icon should look like a little ubuntu with an arrow EriC^^: oh he's fixed that already graingert, i see it now EriC^^: you're right sorry, I'm slow and type slow heh, no problem bonhoffer: don't install bonhoffer: click on it bonhoffer: then choose "Try ubuntu" bonhoffer: no, boot the live usb bonhoffer: then choose "try ubuntu with Linux 4.4" bonhoffer: select that graingert, Eri




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